Caring for Your Bow

  • To ensure longevity and years of enjoyment, it is imperative that you take exceptional care of your primitive bow. I have comprised a step-by-step care guide to help you make the most of your bow.


  • Do NOT store your bow vertically, such as leaning against a wall for prolonged periods of time. Rather, bows should be stored on a shelf or rack horizontally.



  • When stringing your bow, never place it directly on the floor, but rather on your foot
    (see video “How to String Your Bow” on www.vikies.org)

  • Do not keep your bow strung for more that 8-10 hours at a time

  • Always ensure your bow string is in excellent condition. If you see any signs of fraying or shredding do not string or shoot the bow. Replace frayed or broken bowstrings immediately. Natural material bowstrings have a shorter lifespan. Another option is to replace your bowstring with a B-50 or alternative synthetic bowstring.

  • Every bow is designed for a specific draw length. Know your bow’s draw length and never pull beyond it.

  • NEVER string your bow backwards (it happens!)